Getting out of bed just got easier (Day 29: 319)

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Getting out of bed was easier today. And I don’t mean waking up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. I’m still tired as shit and didn’t want to wake up. But physically getting out of bed today was somehow… easier.

My mattress is on the floor. So getting out of bed for a 330 lb fat guy can be quite a challenge. My knees usually hurt, my shoulders that I use to manage the heft of my torso usually hurt, and I make old man grunts and noises that would make my great grandpa proud.

But this morning, I just sorta… stood up. I didn’t realize til I was fully erect (giggity) that I hadn’t groaned. My joints didn’t creek or ache. I just stood up.

I haven’t lost THAT much weight. Somehow after surgery recovery and not drinking for over a week, I’m just moving better. The physical appearance of my body hasn’t changed all that much. The change in bodyweight alone can’t explain how much better I feel. But the results of eating this way and the benefits of stopping drinking to my quality of life seems to be nothing short of remarkable.

The suffering I endured over the last week was a direct result of my poor life choices. How I feel today seems to be a direct result of a few good ones. This really could be enough to motivate me to keep going. Wow.

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