Recovery (Day 27: 323.0)

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Hitting the reset button

Overall this month I’ve actually stuck to the diet pretty well. I dropped down below 320 before I started boozin’ and then sufferin’, and then eatin’ to survive. Cooking was impractical as I tried to avoid standing and doing work as much as I could. And after surviving surgery, my friend and I got some tasty surgery. I earned it.

But I’m back. And the damage to my progress appears to be minimal. I’m still down 10 lbs from when I started this. I still have a few days to go this month but the 10 lbs I’ve lost is enough to to keep me feeling like I’ve made progress. And that this whole Keto experiment is worth it.

Hopefully as I get back into the Keto routine, I will start to drop some of that water and swelling weight and the numbers will start to drop again.

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