The shortest distance between two points is NEVER a straight line (Day 36: 309 lbs)

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There’s no such thing as perfectly linear progress, folks. It just doesn’t happen. Whether they be external or self-inflicted, issues come up. They always do.

I’ve tried this Keto diet before. Each time I’d make it a week or two and something would happen. Some set of circumstances that make it easy to justify giving up. I ran out of the right food, it’s the holidays so why even bother, I have a kidney stone, blah blah. What I have learned this time around is to a) be as prepared as possible, and b) just roll with it.

I’ve been consciously making more of an effort to shop for food pre-emptively. I hate going all the time. I only have a mini-fridge and no proper freezer. It’s darn near impossible to buy quality food for more than a few days at a time. Traditionally my food stores have been piles of rice and pasta. I can keep those in stock for months at a time and when I run out of food, they’re ALWAYS available. It’s far easier to pound a few hundred grams worth of carbs than it is to make another another another trip to the store. I’m learning to head that problem off at the pass BEFORE it happens so when I’m tired and hungry, I don’t have to summon up the energy to get the food I need. Cause I already got some yesterday. Done.

I’ve learned to roll with it too. When I had my kidney stones, I ran out of food. There was no way in hell I was going to go to the store. So I grabbed what I had around and tried to survive the pain. I had some noodles, I had some rice. My friend came to help take care of me after my surgery and we had some sushi. Normally that would spell the end of the diet. But this time I just said ‘Fuck it.’ Do what you need to do and then get back at it. I gained about 5 lbs during that episode but after getting back on keto, I dropped them all and was back at 319, the weight before the stones, within 3 days.

A week or so later, my dad invited me over for tacos. I accepted. I ate. And I LOVED it. One meal will never derail my progress. I’m not going to live my life in a way where I just deprive myself of everything I love. A life without tacos is not a life I want to live. I ate the fuckin food. I enjoued every fuckin second of it. And I moved the fuck on. I ate the tacos on Thursday at 311 lbs. Today, I’m still down two more pounds.

My JV baseball coach in high school had a saying. “Fuck it. Turn the page.”
Roll with it. Then get back to work.

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