Liquor Habits – Worse than I could have imagined

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I drink a lot. Like, a lot. I don’t need to drink every day and I don’t need to be drunk all the time, but when I start to drink, i DRINK. A fifth of 80 proof whiskey or similar has become a single serving.

The Stats:

I pulled my bank statements for the entire 2023 year and filtered out every transaction that said liquor. Turns out I went to the liquor store ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN times in one year. That’s insane. That means I averaged more than two trips per week, and thus at least two bottles per week for the entire year.

Time Lost:
116 trips to the store means I wasted nearly 1 in 3 of every night of the year drunk. That’s time not working out, not planning for my future, not building a business. And it’s literally time I spent killing myself. Plus, because I drink most if not all of the bottle, my hangover the next day is crippling and i’m essentially worthless. I can’t afford to lose that much of my life to just being messed up.

Money spent:

I’m broke. Like, legit broke. That’s a big part of why I drink, I reckon. At the end of the month, I spend more than I make. And here I am going to the liquor store more than twice a week. Keep in mind, I didn’t go out at all last year. So I spent essentially no money going to bars or out with friends etc. But I spent over $1900, that I didn’t have to begin with, on (mostly shit) liquor. Plus, nearly every liquor store run would have also been accompanied by a fast food haul for mixers and dinner, at a likely average of around $16. If I can just stop poisoning myself, I could save like $3750 a year.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

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