My Ketogenic Diet Experiment

I woke up. Not from sleeping… But woke the fuck up. I feel like I’ve been going downhill for a really long time. I stepped on the scale and proved it. Holy shit. 297 Lbs. I’m staring 300 right in the face. I’ve always been a big guy, but this stopped me dead in my tracks. How can this be me?

I’ve been over 200 lbs since high school. Being a fat guy is nothing new to me. Over the years, I’ve lifted weights and developed substantial strength. I’m proud of it. I think I let the increasing bench press numbers overshadow what I’ve really been doing to my body. I’ve noticed weird little things lately. Things like it’s starting to get more difficult to reach across my body to undo the seat belt. When i go to put shoes and socks on in the morning, suddenly even that has been difficult. What the shit have I become?

I’m done.

I just heard about this Keto Diet and a lot of the info I’m seeing online seems to really make sense to me. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I don’t drink a lot of soda… unless there’s liquor in it too. I do LOVE rice and pasta. I can eat terrifying quantities of it. I often do. I can see how too many carbs may have thrown my body’s chemistry out of whack. I’ll let the science people do the science talking, but it really makes sense to me.

Starting weight: 297 lbs

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