Ketosis Day 9

I got home from work today, and like usual, I pee’d on my little keto strip. Since day 3 or so, I could occasionally get that strip to turn slightly pink. Pink enough that I thought I was in Ketosis and doing a good job. Sometimes It would change a little, sometimes it would be barely noticeable, if at all. It was discouraging. I didn’t know if the strips were just internet gimmick garbage or if i was failing.

Today it instantly transformed from light beige to nearly purple! What a good feeling to finally see immediate physical proof I was on the right track. I didn’t expect how elated I would be, nor the amount of motivation that silly little strip of paper could give me. I’m enthused, i’m ready. I feel good, better than I have for a while. And that insignificant little paper strip can now become a yard stick to judge my nutrition & progress.

I’m stoked.

Weight 285.0

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