I Pee

Holy cow, the folks on the youtubes said to get lots of water. This diet acts as a diuretic . You’ll pee more often they said. Drink lots of water they said.

They were right! I urinate more often than ever. And it’s always a lot. It’s another one of those little indicators that my nutrition is sound. After last weekend, It began to subside. But I was also more lax on my eating. Now i’m back. And it’s back too. It’s not a nuissance at all, it’s not like that. But it’s one of those little signs that i’m doing the right thing. Luckily I’ve always had the habit of drinking water at work. Now, I make it a point to drink more. Staying hydrated is key and probably one of the reasons I never really got the keto flu.

Drink lots of water folks, you need it.

Morning weight 282.6

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