First Sober Party

Being good this week has been surprisingly easy. I love the food I get to eat. But I also love to drink. Going out on the weekend and having a good time has been an essential release for me. Life is really stressful and i need a break. Last night was the first time in months I’ve gone to a party and had nothing to drink.

I hated it. Apparently i have a really low tolerance for drunken buffoonery when i’m not one of the drunk buffoons. ¬†Either i need to get better at doing this stuff sober… or not do it at all. Maybe it is just a really lame way to spend a Friday night.

I don’t intend to quit drinking completely… I enjoy it too much. But I’m gonna try to do at least a couple weeks without any alcohol. Prove to myself I can do it. Then after that, use it more sparingly. The day before i started this diet, i drank an ENTIRE bottle of whiskey. That can’t be how i do things anymore.

On the bright side, i woke up Saturday feeling pretty good. And NOT HUNG OVER. It’s a new Saturday experience. I’m going to lift a little then go find adventures. Hoping for a good day.

The brain fog is gone. I don’t feel like i have ‘more energy’ like a lot of keto guys claim, but i’m also still almost 300 lbs. I always feel lethargic. I’m gonna have to work my way out of this one.

Morning weight: 283.2

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