Ketosis Achieved! (Day 5: 323.0)

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My random brand keto piss strips arrived from Amazon today. I opened up the jar and let ‘er rip. The strip instantly turned purple! Beautiful, deep, glistening, plum colored keetoney goodness!

I love that there is such a simple way to make sure I’m doing the right things. Screw up, and them little strips won’t change colors. It’s easy and instant conformation that I’m on track and eating the right things.

I’m fat. Like, really fat. If I stick to a regular diet, it could take weeks and weeks to maybe sort of see a little change to indicate I’m doing the right thing. These strips are convenient, easy and fast. And while it can’t tell me if I’m eating too much, it sure as shit will tell me if I’m eating the right things. And even if I don’t lose weight on a particular day, these li’l strips will help keep me motivated to stay on track with the happy little purple reminder that the diet is on point.

Naturally, as progress may slow, I will have to look closer at the quantity of what I eat and dial in the nutrition further. But for now, this is a win.

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